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Biznsys builds both visualizations and a highly performant semantic layer, making it easy for laypeople to answer one-off questions

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Production Schedule Monitoring
Target Vs Achieved
Production Efficiency Tracking
Work Order Wise Time Allocation
Overtime and Employee Efficiency

Supply Chain and Inventory

Inventory Min Max
Open Purchase Order Tracking
Delivery Tracking and Lead Time
Periodic Inventory Trend
Inventory Aging

Sales and Marketing

Sales Hit Ratio
Section and Region Wise Sales Dashboard
Sales Target Vs Achieved
Product Wise Margin
Customer Retention Rates
Customer Satisfaction Rate

Project Management

Work Break Down Structure
Budgeted Vs Actual
Overall Efficiency Calculation
Time-sheet tracking – Project Wise / Person Wise
Anomaly Detection


SPC Charts
Sustainability Reports
Energy and Paper Consumption Reports
Accident / Incident Monitoring
Root Cause Analysis and Cause and Effect Diagrams
LTA Monitoring
NCR Analysis and Trends
Tailored Training Programme

Our programs include Shop Floor Tour with live Hands On experience on Data Analytics and Insights. Instantly connect to any database (SQL, PostGres , Mysql , ODBC , MS Access etc , Integration with any 3rd party software) and start building real world business insights. Our custom dashboards are segmented to cater your every day business needs. Select a module below to start your journey and explore Business Science with BizNsys

Solutions Built with POWER BI

Enterprise-wide BI
Data ingestion from diverse data sources
Company-wide data visualization
Enterprise-wide data analysis
Financial analytics
Financial KPI dashboards
Revenue, cost and performance analysis
Visualization of accounts receivable and payable
Financial fraud detection in near-real time
Operational analytics
Business process performance analysis, detecting bottlenecks
Performance prediction and forecasting
Manufacturing analytics
Supply chain management
Production optimization
Predictive maintenance for in-service equipment

Power BI Dashboards

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