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We are authorized for Airthinx solutions which offers immediate relief to public, commercial, and private businesses arround the globe, with the new generation of the award-wining Airthinx solution. The Airthinx solutions suite is designed to secure indoor environments while providing employees and customers reassurance through a transparent display of the real-time air quality status. This is key to safely reopening workplaces today, and establishing a sustainable business infrastructure for the future

The system seamlessly integrates with all types of 3rd party mechanical systems, optimizing key air quality parameters, and enabling safer conditions for occupants who stay in the space for a long period of time - the key to safely reopening businesses and work places

Build confidence and trust through transparency with Airthinx public dashboards & the Airthinx app, while also performing real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data with Airthinx Console PRO
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Biznsys provides Airthinx’s automated dynamic control system with a complete response to the challenge of controlling and remediating today’s indoor health risks