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BIZNSYS takes pride in offering highly efficient and focused advanced Excel courses. As a leading provider of customized learning solutions, the course is focused on training participant by providing detailed instructions on using Microsoft Excel. The course also provides basic information pertaining to integrating applications like Word with Excel

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Enhance Your Skills With Advanced Excel Training

The advanced Excel training program offered by BIZNSYS is focused on enhancing the skills of those who are already familiar with the basics of this program. The program includes an introduction to working with formulas/functions, working with conditional formatting, data sorting and filtering and data validation. It further covers aspects pertaining to pivot tables and charts, introduction of Macro functions, consolidation of worksheets along with security and protection options and its synchronization with automated tools

Course Targeted Audience

The Course is designed for Professionals would want to learn more Complex Formulas, Troubleshoot and Customize Excel Application, Automate Excel Files and Create Dashboards how Sort and Filter more Specific data, Import and Export Data Sets, Analyze Data using the rich features provided in Excel. It will impart the necessary skills to create Macros

Basic Techniques
Formulas and Functions
Using Analytical Options
Charting, Tables, Databases
Data Exchange

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